Family Brand Workshops

Here is where you'll find information and pics on our workshops. From the Building a Business Youth Empowerment to the Family Brand Workshops, this is where you can register to attend a workshop or just stop by and catch glimpes of our #familybranders in action!

building a business: lemonade stand

The kids earned (play) money through game participation where they learned business basics. The 4 that earned the most money then built their lemonade business and sold real lemonade and snacks. They got to experience a little of what it feels like to be a business owner. Son's of Destiny blessed us with their lemonade and shared some business tips with the kids

building a business: what is a business plan?

The kids learned a few components that make up a business plan. They created a business plan around a cupcake business and earned (play) money to purchase cupcakes that they decorated around their business. It was a treat!

building a business: stocks

The stocks workshop was the most fun we've had. Raeshal Solomon traveled all the way from Tenneessee to teach the kids stock terms and co-host the buying stocks game where they earned money (and loss) to buy sandwiches and juice.  The objective was to teach them how investing in stocks is a resource in generating long term wealth

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